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30 October 2020Inspired by ‘Elements From The Earth’ Panasonic Launches Elements Series of Mixer Grinders

Panasonic Appliances is expanding in the Mixer Grinder Category. It has now launched ‘Elements’ a new series of Mixer Grinders with multiple features targeting the new age consumer. It comes with Sleek and Stylish Design along with Convenient Operations and 10 Trendy Colors. The Mixer Grinder is more Powerful and Feature-Rich.

Features of Elements Series:

Motor: New ‘Elements Series’ has a powerful 600 W Motor, this powerful Motor ensures that the users grinding time is minimized. The Motor comes with100% F-Class Copper Wound material to increase the durability of the product.

Pusher Attachment: This innovative Chutney Jar with 360-degree rotating Pusher Attachment comes for easy and hygienic grinding. The pusher enables the user to fine-grind coconut and other food materials that gets attached to the Mixie wall while grinding. It helps in bringing the material back to the center without having to open the lid. This feature enables a user to maintain hygiene without compromising on quality and convenience.

Jars: Enhancing user’s convenience the “Elements Series” provides 90-degree Convenient Locking Jars, to prevent strain on hands while fixing and removing the jars. Giving the utmost importance to user’s safety the “Elements Series” also comes with Double Safety Locking Systems like the existing AC & 60 Series. The Double Safety Locking System ensures that the Mixer Grinder cannot start until the Jar and Jar Lid are locked in place. Ensuring user’s safety all the time.

Elements Series is available in 3, 4 & 6 Jars Variants to cater to multiple grinding needs. The Jars and Blade are made from SS 304 Rust Resistant material for long usage.

Leak Proof Design: Elements incorporates a leak-proof design that prevents the overflowing of ingredients between the Mixer Body and Jars. This provides ease of using the Mixie and also saves time.

Nine-in-One Functions: Elements performs 9 functions such as Spice grinding, Juicing, Blending, Coconut milk, Coffee grinding, Egg beating, Turmeric grinding, Chutney grinding and Wet grinding – it is truly a foodie’s delight.

Shape: For more than a decade Panasonic has been marketing L-shaped Mixer Grinders. For the first time the brand is featuring a tower shaped model keeping in mind the space constraints of the consumer. While this is not new in the category this slim and sleek space saving model accommodates all the powerful features that a Mixer Grinder can offer. This ergonomic shape also comes with a sturdy base to balance.

Colors: Known to offer the widest range of colors Panasonic has now taken its tally of colors to 10. It has meticulously researched and chosen 10 Trendy Colours for the new “Elements Series” inspired by Elements From The Earth. Now, one gets to choose the color which suits them the most. From Calm & Composed to Trendy & Powerful there is a color which reflects everyone.

These features amply demonstrate that the Elements Series is a coming together of Power, Convenience and Style. Like its predecessor, the MX series, Elements offers 5 year warranty and can be serviced in more than 500 service centers across India.

During the launch the Managing Director of the company Ganesan Thiagarajan said, “Widely respected for our commitment to quality, safety and convenience, we at Panasonic strive to deliver fresh experiences by keeping pace with the changing times to cater to the changing needs of the consumers. Elements Series is another one of our innovations designed to help you experience stress-free cooking”.

In line with the Government’s program Make in India Panasonic Elements Mixer Grinder are rolls out of their Sholavaram near Chennai factory and goes through 90 tough quality tests.