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25 July 2021Better Kitchen & NewsInc24 Signed an Agreement for Content Syndication

Better Kitchen and NewsInc24 signed an agreement for strategic content syndication. The exclusive content of Better Kitchen will be published in the every week. It will help Newsinc24 to provide other vertical content to its readers while Better Kitchen gets exposure to new audiences. The content will be published in a separate column of newsinc24 website under the banner of Food & Lifestyle.

In a technology-driven modern world, “Kitchen” occupies a pride of place, be it home, restaurant or five-star hotel. Today, kitchen defines one’s living standard and style; also the concern for one’s safety, health and hygiene. These days, a kitchen is as well designed and equipped as a drawing room. From a middle-class housewife at home to a chef in a classy restaurant, every one desires their kitchen to be spick and span, swanky and equipped with every gadget that makes cooking a pleasure.

The content will include Celebrity / Executive Chef's interview, Kitchen Safety, Recipes by renowned chefs, Story on different Kitchen subjects, Nutrition, Health by Food, Solution, Storage, Fuel, Ingredients, Technology, Investment Opportunities, appliances etc. In short we can say the entire gamut of the kitchen will be covered.

Better Kitchen: India’s only bimonthly magazine exclusively devoted to meet the commercial and household kitchen needs and solutions. It is also the 360 Degree Media Solution one stop shop for Kitchen and its allied industry including food processing and cooking. It is a news website which gives you fast and accurate coverage of topics namely politics,investigation, entertainment, business, sports, off-beat, crime, etc. It is the most authentic source of information on whatever is happening in the world.