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19 July 2022HPMF’s Global Strategy Meet - HPMF 1000 Day Plan

HPMF (Hospitality Purchasing Managers’ Forum) is a consortium of purchasing managers from the hospitality industry representing star hotels, catering companies, stand-alone restaurant chains, retail chains and airlines. HPMF is now taking the next step to ensure that the organization is recognized as the finest professional platform for the hospitality procurement fraternity in the world. Recently, the Founder and General Secretary of HPMF Dr. Nitin Nagrale announced the formation of the “HPMF Strategic Team” to meet the organization’s 1000 days agenda.

The army of 150 plus highly experienced and motivated team of Hospitality Purchasing professionals from across 20 cities of India and neighboring countries is raring to go to lift the benchmark HPMF is known to create. The plan is to form dedicated teams of these professionals to execute 100 point agenda in structured and time bound manner. The 100 point agenda covers a gamut of activities including strategic tie ups with various governing bodies, formation of educational programs specially for hospitality procurement, opening of several HPMF chapters covering India and other countries, socially responsible activities to bring relief and direction to the underprivileged and to members of the fraternity.

Training and Development of procurement professionals, consolidated procurement, industry product standardization, volume discounts, improved professionalism in purchasing process, development of potential vendors, green initiatives, corporate social responsibilities are some of the key elements of HPMF.

HPMF has always been in the forefront for promoting India and Indian Culture through its activities and this step will make the Indian Hospitality Procurement Fraternity a recognized force in the world and open up opportunities for the Indian Vendors and Businesses to reach global levels.

A non-profit organization registered with the Charity Commissioner’s office, HPMF is first of its kind in India which aims to provide a platform for buyers from hospitality industry. Conceived in 2010, HPMF today is a global organization with over 6000 members of the hospitality purchasing fraternity. The body is headquartered in Mumbai, with chapters in Mumbai, Pune, New Delhi, Rajasthan, West Bengal, Andhra Pradesh, Telangana, Tamilnadu, Karnataka, Goa, Kerala and Gujarat. Internationally, HPMF has chapters in Sri Lanka, Maldives, The Middle East, Nepal, Bhutan, Bangladesh and the UK.