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We have heard a lot about the concept of Farm to Table and imagine a restaurant next to farm in the outskirts of a city. But can’t think of a restaurant in the heart of South Mumbai with vertical kitchen garden producing 25 KGs of edible foliage per week. These products are used in the kitchen for providing fresh and healthy food to guests. We are talking about recently opened multi-level restaurant at Breach Candy – Candy & Green, a pure vegetarian 100 seater restaurant by Shraddha Bhansali, a graduate from Boston University and worked with Taj Hotels and Palladium Hotel. Split across an indoor dining restaurant and a rooftop garden space for diners, Candy & Green’s décor embodies its philosophy.

The rooftop area is best to be at evenings seeing the sun go down and a view of the Mumbai Skyline with fresh aroma of herbs, microgreens and leafy plants throughout your meal.

Here you will taste the dishes with ingredients which are normally not eaten by the average Indian. Menu has a lot to offer at the same time it is crisp. Even the beverage menu, an extensive one for all sorts of tipplers. Cocktails made with fresh ingredients such as Vanilla & Hibiscus Bellini and Bell Pepper & Basil Martini make the dining experience wholesome.

Shraddha says, “At Candy & Green we choose love and we choose sustenance. We are passionate about feeding our guests hearty meals made from wholesome ingredients that nourish their mind, body and soul. We strive to create a menu and environment that supports the happiness and wellness of both our guests and our community.”

This place is worth try for everyone. Even non-vegetarians can get surprised by the Veggie delights…!

Price for two (including drinks) is INR 2,000/-.

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