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Gone are the days when the scope for a culinary student was only in the kitchens of a five star property. The hospitality industry is now diversifying into many more tangents. Today the choices are vast, students can opt to be a part of following:-

TV Studio Kitchens – Food channels are constantly evolving and with them are the shows. Channels like Food Food and Khana Khazana Studios require the help of someone who understands the field.

Food Media – There is a lot that goes into getting a food show on air. As a culinary student, you can help and provide full backend kitchen support for big shows like Master Chef India, Sanjeev Kapoor Ke Kitchen Ke Khiladi amongst others.

Alternatively, you can also help with the casting for various food television shows.

Chef Trainers – Trends are changing and to keep up with the latest fad - hotels, restaurants, culinary schools need help. As a chef trainer, you can provide training sessions not only to culinary students alone but also professionals from the corporate world.

Food Researcher – Love food and love to study about it constantly? Food researchers main goal is to carry out research about different cuisines, countries for various shows, events, festivals and cookbooks.

Food Consultant – One can take to food consulting to help a budding entrepreneur to establish his/her restaurant with tips and help regarding concept planning, menu planning and even financial management. You can also be a consulting chef for various food events, exhibitions and festivals.

Celebrity Chef Manager – Everyone wants a part of Celebrity & Michelin star chefs. Whether it is for commercials and promotions or business deals. One can become a celebrity chef manager and manage various events and brands they are dealing with.

Food Studio – With culinary expertise and some entrepreneurship qualities, one can start their own food studio. My students Amit Singh, Abhinay Gupta and Aadil Menon have come together to start their own place called Benchmark Studio.

FMCG Industry - Many students are part of the FMCG industry and work with well known brands like Unilever Food Solutions, General Mills, Nestle, Cadbury, etc. The career choices in this industry varies from product development to sales and marketing.

Food Styling – It is said that we eat with our eyes first. It is important for the food to look as pretty as it tastes. One can take on food styling for various product shoots.

Food Photography – Food photography is as important as food styling is. One has to be wanting to eat the food as soon as they see it. Chef Vaibhav Mahajan & Chef Michael Swamy are well known to this field and do a fantastic job!

Food Blogging – For those who love food and also love writing about it, this is the place to be. The food blogging segment has changed drastically from the times Rashmi Uday Singh and Vir Sanghvi alone wrote about food to now when the community has grown heaps and bounds.

Food bloggers have become an asset to the restaurant business and is a great way to get your food out on social platforms.

Food Editor – A food editor works closely with the chefs and team of the magazine or TV show to develop food content and recipes that are going to be showcased. Chef Varun Ramchandran, Food Editor, Food Food Channel says he is involved in the operations to the Telecast.

Food Show Host – Much like Chef Saransh Goila, one can start their own food show on television depicting regional and/or international cuisines.

Food Promotions – As a culinary student, you can help to advertise various food products to its targeted audience. This can be done through television or other social media platforms.

YouTube Channel – You can also start your own YouTube channel showcasing your food journey or recipes.

Travel Chef – Food is an important part of any travel. Travel companies like SOTC, Cox and Kings, Thomas Cook always require their food menus to be revamped to suit the palate of their guests while on tours.

Chef's Table – Organizing an event? Call the chef table organisers to come and cook for you at your venue! Hopping Chef in Mumbai is well known for their venture and you can start your own on similar lines too!

Food Apps – Technology has taken the world over and the food industry is not too behind. You can handle and run apps like iChef and Food Panda.

Food Equipment Consultant – You can work for commercial equipment companies like Rationals and Philips dealing with kitchen equipment helping the consumer to get exactly what they need for their business model.

Food Store Manager – Food Hall and Godrej's Natures Basket hire someone to not only balance but also understand the demand and supply of food products that they hoard.

Author Chef Yogesh Utekar, graduated in Hotel Management and Catering Technology from D.Y. Patil Institute –Navi Mumbai is a Culinary Maestro who has harmonized his passion and flair for cooking with teaching and training. He started his career with the Taj Group of Hotels and later worked with the Oberoi, MMI Dubai and ITM Institute for Hotel Management. His culinary repertoire in Indian Cuisine covers Banquet and Buffet Operations, Theme Dinners, and Outdoor Catering with creative menus. His skills go beyond the Indian borders to encompass European Cuisine.

He has been invited to make appearances on television programs and has assisted in facilitating sessions of MasterChef India I, II, III for Star TV. His life revolves around Food and Travel as well as he has served as an ambassador for Indian Cuisine in Universities world-wide. In the strong belief that “to teach is to learn”, he enjoys sharing his knowledge and skills with young aspiring chefs.

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