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Today's working woman is a true multi-tasker, who successfully manages the paucity of time. A typical morning sees her busy in the kitchen getting breakfast ready, with the family's lunch being packed at the same time – while half her mind is already working on what to fix for dinner!

This race against time and the constant urge to make meals even more creative can be very trying. The right mantra is to work smartly. Using smarter methods to manage household chores saves time and effort and also gives the best results.

A well thought out kitchen goes a long way in getting through everyday cooking more efficiently, with less stress. As our contribution to working women and home-makers everywhere, here are a few smart tips and kitchen hacks to help organize, speed up, and improve your quality of life - and your happiness quotient!

Organize Your Kitchen And Pantry:

Organization will ensure you spend less time in the kitchen, and increase the time available for yourself and your family. Arrange your kitchenware by frequency of use, with everyday dishes on an easy-to-reach lower shelf and special-occasion pieces up above. Similarly, store your food right. This saves time searching and organizing, and also preserves your food and saves your money.

Tupperware has launched a free Kitchen Expert consultancy based on years of kitchen management expertise. Our Kitchen Expert will visit you at no cost, and advise you how to organize your kitchen and pantry storage better, customized by your family size, the ingredients you buy, your purchase habits and budget. The value this service delivers is the satisfaction of seeing everything in your kitchen arranged neatly and in order. It is also the delight you and your family experience when you successfully serve a new dish, while staying relaxed and comfortable.

You can book your Kitchen Expert appointment through our Distributors, Website ( or Toll Free helpline (1800 103 6678).

Organize Your Refrigerator:

Transform a messy refrigerator into an organized one to save space and money. Fruit and vegetables stay fresher and nutritious for longer, while your refrigerator stays neat and clean as a result. This reduces your daily preparation and cleaning up time. Tupperware's FridgeSmart is a high-tech product series that organizes your fresh produce, both fruits and vegetables, and extends their life in the fridge by as much as three times longer. Today you might be seeing fresh greens, lemons, or coriander refrigerated on the weekend and beginning to spoil by Wednesday or Thursday. With FridgeSmart you can confidently depend on your fresh produce to stay green and healthy till the next weekend i.e. your next shopping and re-stocking day. Similarly the Cool 'n' Fresh and Keep Tabs containers from Tupperware can be used to store cut veggies ready for the next meal preparation. And our cleverly-designed Cool Cubes ice trays provide a truly non messy way of dispensing cubes and refilling water.

Pressure Cooker - The Humble Multitasker:

A pressure cooker is a working woman's best friend. The cooker aids in preparing several dishes simultaneously, and saves valuable fuel. Daily cooking needs can be handled smartly and easily.

Organize Your Life:

While cooking, it often helps to lay out all the ingredients on the counter in advance, to help you to work neatly and in an organized fashion. When done, replace containers in their correct places and clean up to avoid clutter and stress in your kitchen.

Prepare a weekly menu so that you are organized with your shopping lists. Pre-plan your mornings so that you have a hassle free day!

Lastly, give yourself credit for all that you do, every single day; you prepare food with love and work hard to take care of everyone. Remember you sustain the family and that makes you absolutely wonderful and the ultimate caregiver! With these smart hacks, make every chore a breeze with simple and clever organization!

By Shilpa Ajwani, Managing Director - Tupperware India

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