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Food service is among the fastest developing sectors in the world. With the Indian food industry growing at 11% annually, it is expected to touch Rs. 408,000 crores by 2018. This projected growth is expected to provide several opportunities for Indian students to actively pursue a career in the food service Industry. During the last Decade, Culinary studies has emerged as one of the most preferred career options for Hospitality graduates. As such it takes much more than just the knowledge of culinary arts to succeed in this ever developing industry, students must know how to manage people, they must focus on the importance of controlling costs besides learning the art to attract and retain customers. Keeping in view the increasing demand for a dedicated and specialised programme catering to students who wish to whole heartedly focus and pursue a career in Culinary studies, Sheila Raheja Institute of Hotel Management (SRIHM) devised a programme Bachelor of Arts in Culinary Arts affiliated to the University of Mumbai and has become the first college in the city of Mumbai to offer this programme to students. This degree aims to prepare students to find gainful employment in a wide variety of careers viz. Chefs, food photographers, entrepreneurs, food consultants, food critics, the health food sector, culinary advisors etc.

SRIHM lays emphasis on the belief that cooking is no longer just about making food to it; stress on the need for combining food safety, technical skills and artistry to create things that please the body, mind and the soul. Curriculum reinforces academic study of culinary arts with practical lessons and real life professional experience. Students learn team management, logistics and financial planning. Additionally, they are inculcated with industry specific soft skills, such as flexibility, problem solving, communication, promptness and precision. Regular guest lectures ensure that students are exposed to industry expertise.

It is SRIHM endeavour to constantly upgrade facilities and provide students with a state of the art infrastructure of International standards. SRIHM is the first college in Mumbai to have HACCP certified Kitchens.

In the short span of time during which institute has been in operation SRIHM was awarded the Best Hospitality Management Institute in Mumbai in the year 2015-16.

SRIHM is currently offering a bouquet of programmes which provides students with adequate opportunity to specialise in their selected fields and equipping them with the requisite knowledge and skills to be industry ready.

From the last Academic year the institute is offering the M.Sc. (Hotel & Hospitality Administration) affiliated to the University of Mumbai to provide students an ideal progression route for higher studies at affordable fees. Students today can pursue their higher studies and obtain a post-graduate degree in hotel & hospitality administration from the University of Mumbai and need not look for progression routes abroad and spend enormous amounts on their education.

SRIHM has also initiated the post-graduate professional programme in Food Presentation and Food Media in our country for the first time. The programme offers the students a structured and alternate pathway to a vastly popular and rapidly developing career option in Food Presentation and Media. This programme is changing the face of the culinary world offering a wide range of classes and speakers that reflect the role and evolution of media in the industry, allowing students to hone food-centric communication and marketing skills at all levels of expertise. From social media, blogging and public relations to recipe writing and cookbook editing, allowing them to master the art of food-related communications.

The B.A.(Culinary Arts) programme has also been a welcome addition to the bouquet of programmes as it was eagerly awaited by students who wish to wholly focus on becoming Chefs. This programme provides them in-depth knowledge and intensive training to master the culinary skills required to adapt to the ever changing and developing world of culinary arts. This programme is also affiliated to the University of Mumbai.

The Associate Degree in Culinary Arts and the Associate Degree in Hospitality Studies affiliated to the University of Mumbai is a totally new concept developed by SRIHM. This programme offers the student a high degree of flexibility to complete their studies. Students can complete one year and obtain a Diploma from the University of Mumbai. They can either progress to the second year of studies to obtain an Associate Degree or they can take a break and seek gainful employment with the industry for a year or two. They can then continue their studies in the second year to obtain an Associate Degree. Subsequently, the student has the flexibility of completing the Bachelor’s Degree in Hospitality by joining in the third year directly at his/her convenience.

SRIHM believe that learning should be based on the application of knowledge and not merely acquiring it. Until and unless learning solutions relate to real life and motivate the learner to acquire and apply knowledge, the whole process will remain superficial.

SRIHM committed to providing quality education in building the future of today’s youth. In the era of globalisation, the working environment has become highly competitive and challenging and therefore SRIHM is striving to reduce the gap between classroom instruction and the needs of the present day complex market to ensure that our students are industry ready.

By B.P. Sahni
Principal - Sheila Raheja Institute of Hotel Management - Bandra, Mumbai

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