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In past few years food industry has seen exciting rise in the number of startups. But unfortunately, three out of ten food business that open in India fail within a year of inception.

Now a days, more and more people are looking to invest in food & beverage business without even having any background in running food business. Increasing population and demand for having food at convenient are the factors that creating more opportunities in food business. But running a cafe or a restaurant is a serious business.

Quick Service Restaurants (QSRs) are providing the end to end experience, right from customer walking in to a restaurant to walking out. Every aspect including – Aroma, Ambience, Food, Service and last but not the least an everlasting memory are being considered very carefully. From kitchen to service, raw ingredients to finished products, everything has to be Picture Perfect!

Few people are aware that Vastu of a food business joint can also be done. Food Business is also experiencing great success with its dependence on Vastu and restaurants these days are even focusing a lot on the minute details of keeping the QSRs, Vastu friendly. There are lots of brands which are available in the market for the franchise option and all of them have different colour schemes. In Vastu, colour science is used as a therapy and as a remedy. However, there are a few who still ignore the unbound powers of Vastu, leading to a downturn in business. The factors that lead to failure of food business according to Vastu are –

  • Kitchen
  • Entrance
  • Cash Counter
  • Sitting Position of Owner
  • Toilets

These when in compliance to the Vastu science do wonders. Today I am discussing about the Kitchen.


The heart of any restaurant or cafe or a delivery joint is Its Kitchen. A customer always comes back not for the look of the restaurant but for the food and services.

A kitchen is a place where one creates unique culinary experiences for its guests. A kitchen requires a good amount of attention to aesthetics and the functionality both. The way you cannot compromise on taste and flavours similarly you should not even compromise while taking a Vastu Consultation for your new café.

In Vastu, kitchen Is considered as fire element. Talking more precisely, the placement of gas stove / induction / microwave / oven is considered in Vastu. Fire represents money and health. If kitchen is placed in water element directions, like north of north west (NNW), north, north of north east (NNE) and north east (NE), the water element of these zones will exhaust the fire element and can arise problems like payment recovery, problems related to power and confidence, adverse effect on new clients, new opportunities, potential buyers and one may have to go through health problems. A kitchen in these zones can be balanced by using green stone under your gas stove.

Practical Case

I remember a case where I did Vastu of a restaurant, which had their kitchen in NE and the complaint of the client was that customer comes, checks the items on the menu, sits for sometime but they don't place order and leave. The customer always stays confused as what to order. Somebody from the team has to help the customer in deciding what to order. Now north east is the direction which governs the brain of the body. It is the direction which gives clarity to the mind. Fire element present in north east was keeping the clients confused and they couldn't decide what to order. We balanced the burner with green colour and the client is super happy with the results!

A kitchen in east of NE, east and east of SE (South East) can create problems in social connections. A kitchen in these zones can be balanced by using green stone. A green colour stone would work perfectly If your kitchen lies In these zones.

A kitchen in South West (SW) can give problems of over expectations in relationships. A south of south west (SSW) kitchen can give a rise in unnecessary expenses. A kitchen in both these zones can also be balanced with yellow stone under the gas stove.

Recently I got a chance to visit “Caterspoint” - Delhi NCR's top most delivery kitchen in terms of sales i.e. orders delivered per day. They have maintained a consistent Zomato rating of 4.9. Caterspoint has been spreading smiles across the city with their innovative dishes and food services and they have carved a niche of their own. Their kitchen comes in south west zone and an oven is placed in west. Kitchen in south west assures an ultimate good food in terms of quality and taste however relationship with old customers can be a question mark if kitchen is not balanced properly. Kitchen in west gives really good results if it's properly balanced. It is also considered good because food made in west zone gives gains to the body, but still Kitchen must be balanced.

A kitchen in west south west (WSW), west and west north west (WNW), can be balanced by placing a yellow stone under your gas stove. It will help in stopping the negative effects arising out of kitchen.

South east, south south east (SSE) and south are considered ideal directions for kitchen. But do remember the kitchen slab in these directions should not be of black colour.

Gas stove is just one small part of a kitchen. There are so many other things apart from a gas stove which play an important role in a kitchen. There are many cafés which are only in the business of selling frothy milk shakes, premium smoothies, ice creams etc and they have nothing to do with a gas stove. The good examples of such QSR's are Keventers, Shake Square, Giani etc. So the question arises how Vastu works for them? They use blenders, shake makers or electric mixers. The placement of each of them plays a vital role in the success of a shake selling joint. The direction of refrigerator also plays an important role in Vastu of a restaurant. Refrigerator's function is to store and preserve food items so In Vastu we consider it as earth element.

There is a profound logic behind every remedy which is done in Vastu. It is totally based on scientific principles, that helps one to understand the surroundings better and facilitates one, towards the path of well being and prosperity.

Like the way startup needs an experienced consultant, same way is the need of an experienced Vastu consultant. The knowledge and expertise on Vastu advices, you can certainly create milestones for your restaurant business. Look at it as an investment and not a burden. A good running food cafe or a restaurant will give you all the joy of following your passion and earning money at the same time - which is a dream, which only few people can achieve.

Note from Author: Vastu is not a shallow subject which can be applied just by reading books, blogs, or surfing from google. Its a science of energy balancing which requires understanding of drawings, correct zoning of directions, energies, panch tatva science and so on. In order to understand and master the subject one has to dedicate oneself completely. Please do consult a Vastu expert before making any changes.

Author Pushkar Gogia is an actor, food blogger, numerologist and Vastu consultant. He has been blogging on food since 2013 on platforms like Zomato, Instagram, and Trip Advisor. He went for formal education in field of Occult sciences and did number of courses which were done under the guidance of best people of the Industry. He did a lot of research on the connection of both subjects i.e. Vastu and Food.

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