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Innovation in the hotel industry is of utmost importance because it has the capacity to transform the industry positively. Today’s kitchens have become a place for families to come together, for a meal; to socialize or to get-together.

At the peak of health epidemic, it is crucial that we understand the essence and urgency of hygiene while handling food. The industry has evolved greatly today, from organic food farming to understanding the essence of natural ingredients.

Starting from an era of authentically cooked meals from the treasury of recipes handed down to us by our ancestors to adding our own twist and combining cuisines together. Today one might even experience a wide plethora of cuisines from the famous Indian Chinese to the stalls of pav bhaji, to five star restaurants serving a twist on Indian cuisine.

India being a country of vibrant cuisines and filled with love for food has embraced many international cuisines. The fast pace of work and well traveled food enthusiasts have given a rise to world cuisines at every nook and corner. Today people know the perfect crack of the sugar of a caramel brulee or the hearty creaminess of a carbonara, making the industry more competitive and giving rise to future culinarians.

Kitchens today are no longer equipped with only a stove or a fridge but with equipment that makes life easier, time saving while making a perfect meal at home. A modular kitchen having a kitchen aid which can help you like a sous chef or an automatic oven which can control and monitor the foods cooking time and temperature to having the future of kitchens and drinks where automated robotic arms serve every meal with calculated precision.

With a push of the button, food is delivered today at our doorstep with technology and food entrepreneurs taking the lead, food from every part of the world is delivered at the comfort of your home. Food deliveries have reinvented the idea of a family dinner.

Media has been an integral part in making people realise the love and passion for food. With shows like Master chef and Hell’s kitchen showing the reality of the industry as well as the amazing hands on Masterclass. It ignited the love for food. From chef Sanjeev Kapoor having a serial Khana Khazana to having a channel dedicated to food and travel, the world of food has evolved. Today one can be seated at home while experiencing world cuisine and travel through their favourite shows.

Better kitchen is the only bimonthly magazine devoted to helping and resolving the needs of food enthusiast. From the articles which feature world class chefs to food solutions to keeping up with the constant change in the food industry they have aced it all. This magazine has been a game changer in the food industry. It has widened our horizons of food. To product launches to giving Culinarians an opportunity to emote their passion. It has an active question and answer forum where Master-chefs help with queries. It has been a go-to magazine for anyone who lives for food, the well penned Editor’s words brewing enthusiasm and passion for food, to the recipes which have made us all fall in love with cooking.

I wish Better Kitchen a successful journey and many food filled years to come. You continue to inspire and invigorate us.

Authored by B.P. Sahni, Principal Emeritus

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