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Craving for North Indian home made food in Mumbai? Your desire will be fulfilled in couple of minutes. You can have Litti Chokha, Lucknow Kachori, Besan Fish Thanda Masala, Tehri, Nimona, Puri, Bafauri, Chewoonwa Fara, Paratha, Jalebi, Chura Dahi, Puri Subzi and many mores from Littoo for those who are away from home. Littoo showcases the culinary delights that even simple homely food can bring. You can order now from their website or food delivery apps like Swiggy, Zomato, Uber Eats, and Food Panda.

Littoo is an authentic home style food with Whole Spices, Coal Fires, Iron Skillets and clay griddles. Word Littoo is derived from Litti, which is a Bihari and Eastern Uttar Pradesh delicacy eaten with gud or chokha or Chutney. Littoo wants their patrons to feel nostalgic when they taste their meals.

Littoo food is available from morning till night with different menus comprises of Litti Chokha, Morning Specials Snacks, Snacks, Combo Main Course, Combos Mini Meal, Mini Snacks Meal, Platters, Breads, Rice, Accompaniments, Desserts And Beverages. All in the price range of INR 145 to INR 660.

What are you waiting for… order now. It's value for money.

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