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The word kitchen today carries a multitude of annotations. How would one best describe a modern day contemporary kitchen? A place of interaction, the center of family gossip, the super relax zone or a place where one simply unwinds at the end of the day or all of them? What a distance kitchens have traveled from their ancestors which relegated the lady of the house to this zone for endless hours surrounded by the same monotonous ambiance with fixed boring structures & uninspiring kitchen routine.

On the contrary, Kitchen as they say is the new living room where the line of segregation dissolves to give way to a more interactive zone, informal and easily comfortable.

With more and more people travelling abroad, awareness to the latest technology and kitchen trends has grown manifold. Coupled with the understanding the difference it can make to the quality of kitchen experience, it has created a desire within to see this new wave of design vocabulary flowing through our kitchens.

Enter Hettich, your partner for life with its futuristic technology to create your dream kitchen with its extensive range of kitchen hardware like Drawer Systems, Runners, Corner Units, Sliding Hardware, Under Sink unit, Pantries, Larder, Bottle pull outs, Detergent holders, Cylinder Trolley & Wire baskets.

InnoTech, ArciTech, CargoTech & AvanTech Drawer systems with their extensive range of accessories are some of the aesthetic expressions by Hettich that work as excellent storage solutions. All the drawers come with infinite design options and add character to your kitchen with their presence.

InnoTech Drawer System supports a plethora of details and functions that make full use of the storage space with a clear view of the organized stored contents.

InnoTech incorporates a well-defined internal organization system, which gives way to a spectacular score of OrgaTrays, the practical cutlery tray system, crockery organizers for all drawer widths. The system is based on intelligent modular principle where in a broad & varied range of individualized solutions can be produced using a multitude of individualized solutions.

CargoTech Drawer Systems with thick meshed wired baskets at the bottom are available as Drawer Systems, Bottle Pull-Outs, Corner Units, Pantry units & Pull out shelf for kitchen overhead unit. The drawer system is used as a plain basket or combines with any of the available accessories as cutlery inlet, plate inlet, thali inlet, cup & saucer inlet & bottle separator inlet. The drawer system insures a tidy clutter free kitchen wherein every class of items has its place for storage. Kitchen strain ends up being reduced to nil & work an unending pleasure!

Corner units not only store contents & save space but also refine the interiors with their presence. Cargo Carousal, Cargo Man & Cargo Magic are corner solutions with independent revolving/moving wooden shelves with 20 kg weight capacity and a complete visual delight.

Cargo IQ 200/300/Spice Pull Out are bottle pull outs that help to place all your bottles in one place, organized & customized as desired. The product adds a suave look to the interiors and also save precious space besides lending a neat and precise look to the kitchen and the contents stored. Cargo IQ 200/ 300 caters to cabinet widths of 150, 200 and 300mm. Cargo Spice pull out is a sleek stainless steel wire basket structure for storage of spices with loading capacity of 22.5 to 30 kg.

A kitchen pantry makes so much difference to your kitchen. Besides putting all the stored food contents in instant view, it also adds the oomph to the interiors. Cargo Duo, the swing and pull-out pantry unit with 8 or 12 wire bottom baskets is one of the most aesthetically designed pantry units with a deep storage space which can be accessible into a door and pull out shelf. Cargo Larder is an exquisite larder unit with 300 mm height adjustable & suitable for cabinet widths 300, 400 & 450mm.

The Under Sink Basket & Detergent Holder uses the space under the sink for storing house-keeping items &the Dish Drainer Set caters to the drying and storage needs of your utensils. Bin holders in 100, 200 series & Classic are available as waste holding solutions.

The chrome plated Cylinder Trolley with low height easily takes up the load of your cylinder and can be moved smoothly out of sight with the help of castors. Wicker Basket with wooden frame stores all your vegetables and is super handy when cooking.

Sliding Fittings by Hettich add charm to your kitchen while giving you ample storage. WingLine 230-the giant among folding door systems, WingLine L-the sliding folding system with both handle & handle less technology, SlideLine M for kitchen wall units combining open and closed sections in furniture, WingLine 170: Space saving, Corner Folding door system for wall cabinets, WingLine 780: Multipurpose sliding and folding Door system for small size cabinets, Vertico Synchro: Synchronous Sliding mechanism or Simultaneous opening of two vertical door with one movement and many more.

Hettich has tied up with Silestone from Almeria, Spain to sell the Silestone Quartz range of stones exclusively in India in order to create mesmerizing interiors with splendid patterns & hues. Silestone’s advanced N-Boost technology offers stain resistance, easy maintenance, longer color life and shinier surfaces all bundled up in one. Available in 12 colors & three varied finishes, the stone creates mesmerizing design aesthetics in your kitchen.

In addition, Hettich is exclusively marketing Blaupunkt German Kitchen Appliances in India & brings to you contemporary, user friendly & suave, built-in Kitchen Appliances that promise to build up a delightful cooking experience for you. The range includes a plethora of Cooker Hoods, Inductions Hobs, Gas Hobs, Built- In Ovens, Built- In Microwave Ovens, Built- In Dishwashers & Built-In Refrigerators.

The final result is a beautiful quintessentially luxurious kitchen which is functional & aesthetic while being modernistic ally minimal, the statement piece of your home that enthralls you in its warmth!

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