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We are always caring for our body in many ways, some people go to the gym for a workout, some do exercise at home or some people prefer yoga at their homes or yoga center. Some people give very extra care for following dieting plans to get fit or slim their body.

Modern or herbal medicines for vitality are rendering much satisfaction to some mid aged and old people. We are getting a lot of messages through social media to keep our body fit through various products but if you observe properly you will find there are very few people who are caring for their mental health while the mental health is much more important than our body health. Let me say if the mind is fit then everything in your life will be fit because everything with you is controlled by your mind.

It is a universal truth that human beings are supposed to be healthy only when they are fit with the whole state of mental, physical and social well-being. That's why if you are willing to be a healthy and fit person then you cannot avoid caring for your overall mental health, you have to be fit socially, physically and most important mentally. Infect no one can be considered a healthy person without a healthy mind.

What is Mental health?

A healthy mind can be defined for a comfort of mind in which an individual comprehends his or her own abilities, can think exactly, how to handle normal situations of life, can work with productivity as per their profession and family responsibilities. Healthy mind will make a contribution to family, community, country and even to the entire universe. A healthy mind is always driving for good physical health and fitness, an unfit or deceased human body is always disturbing a healthy mind so it is necessary to have a physically healthy body to keep a healthy mind.

What is an Unhealthy Mind?

An unhealthy mind is dangerous and can produce many sorts of problems not only for themselves but it can be harmful for the nation, community, society, family and friends too.

If the brain is weak everything can be damaged in our personality including our behavior, work output, memory, sensation, and even our overall character.

Unhealthy or feeble brains are responsible for many complications in our personality like, laziness, sleep disorders, many types of fears, anxiety, physical and mental restlessness, sudden changing of pre appointments or meetings. Weak mind may cause violent invasion with family members and sub ordinances.

In such cases some time person may acquire by many scary thoughts like fears of future, fears of death, sometime believes that will die soon, aversion of crowd, aversion of food restlessness, tendency of Imagination, multiple pains drive crazy to he or she. Having complaints from weathers, gastro-intestinal disturbances, feeling of burning in internal parts, tingling, coldness of many parts of body and numbness.

Hence, a weak mind is always surrounded with great fear, and worries accompany unhappiness and many ailments. However, some more symptoms arise when the mind is arrested by weakness like hopelessness, unconsciousness, music gets unbearable some time and makes them sad or cry, thinks his thoughts come from divine, parts of his or her body gets abnormally thick.

Some other symptoms are fullness of mind heavy, pulsating, hot, bursting, burning undulating sensation, headache as if brain were moved by boiling water (Indigo), vertigo worse on rising, sensation on vertex as if hair were pulled or stood on end, nocturnal furious delirium or abnormal sexual orientation.

Above all mental conditions are not an incurable disease but the symptoms of an unhealthy mind.

Can I get rid of all the above symptoms without any modern medicine?

Yes, all of the above mental problems can be cured without any modern medicine, one may check all problems with the right food at the right time, meditation, and some changes in lifestyle.

Tips for Mental Fitness

Physical health can be defined as normal if the body functions normally.

One must ensure that my body is fit for survival and reproduction; maintaining a dynamic balance between the body's functions with the mind and environment as well.

Body must be ready for useful work, able to perform basic social works and free from all sorts of diseases with painful conditions.

A healthy body should have an ability to adjust to the constantly changing working conditions of an eternal or external environment.

Therefore mental health is extremely important to deal with day to day working and problems. Here are some tips to control your mind;

  1. Have plenty of water every day, especially in the early morning.
  2. Start your day with fruit rather than tea or coffee.
  3. Vegetable or fruit juices are nectar for you.
  4. Whole pomegranate at lunch time could be great medicine for you. (Continue for 30 days at least).
  5. Dry fruits are a must for you, for better mental condition.
  6. Walnuts are a major dry fruit which is helpful in all mental problems and very good for mental health.
  7. Almonds provide vitamin E, so that almonds are very supportive to maintain mental health.
  8. Raisins are very good for your brain and body also.
  9. Fresh oxygen is like a diet to keep a fresh mind so that your morning walk can give you a fresh feel.
  10. Meditation and exercises are helpful more than anything or medicine for the body and brain.
  11. Sound sleep is giving a real rest to the mind so try to sleep for 6-8 hours at night.
  12. Make yourself happy, talk every day to those relatives and friends who make you laugh.

Some Spices are also Helpful for Brain Health.

Curcumin in turmeric is known to boost or help brain cells grow. It may help delay age-related mental decline. A few pinches of turmeric in warm water or milk will be beneficial for memory and all about the brain.

Rose Petals
Rose is known for its antiseptic benefits and its fragrance will change your mood for good, so having rose petals in your food may grant you extra peace of mind.

Pumpkin Seeds
Pumpkin seeds are one of the oldest medicines for brain related problems.

Honey is very good for mind and energy.

For a healthy mind and body I would like to advise you to keep your mind free from all sorts of fears and set your mind young to be brave but alert also.

By Chef Dr. Izzat Husain

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