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“The details are not the details. They make the design” -Charles Eames

What are the common factors amongst the home, restaurants, and hotel kitchens? All are hygienic, comfortable, well-designed, and efficient. What a transition from the kitchens of the past!

I grew up with the conviction that kitchens are dedicated zones for cooking. I had no reason to believe otherwise. As far as I know that's the only role it played in the past. Yes, I am aware that the world goes by the principle of constant change but I could never expect a transformation of this caliber!

The kitchens have evolved drastically. Gone are the days when the space was perceived as an exclusive woman's den. Rather the place has broken all such shackles and perceptions maturing into a multi-dimensional character. At home or at commercial eateries, kitchens have grown to be voguish and classy.

From moving out of their dark and ancient avatars, they have entered bright futuristic zones replete with the latest technology and décor.

To say, chefs at home and at hotels are pretty sorted as to how they want to treat their kitchens which also means that other than keeping their space functional and elegant, they are equally particular about following every rule in the book for keeping their cooking space clean and hygienic.

Having said that, modern kitchens derive their versatile character from a host of design elements and technology fused in harmony that gives them their character. Let us check out a few of these:


As more and more families are looking forward to spending time together while the meals are being prepared, bar-tops in kitchen areas with chic bar stools are often spotted in modern kitchens. I think it's a great opportunity to add a pop of color, texture, or visual flair to your den. The benefits are manifold. You can keep an eye on the kids' homework as you cook. You get a place to display your favorite cocktails and appetizers on the top. The next time you decide to host a wine party, you will be glad that you decided to go in for the concept.

Kitchen Faucets

Kitchen faucets can be a great design asset for your cook space. Be it a residential or a commercial kitchen, comfort, and functionality play an important role when selecting the faucets. The chosen fittings can either match the design of the furniture including the appliances or you can go in for contrast. Just take care to strike a balance between the design and functionality.

For instance, there are faucets equipped with a revolving spout and side sprays. These faucets and the side sprays work to provide different kinds of water jets that make daily cleaning and rinsing easier. You have to check what works best for you.

Kitchen Cupboards And Hinges

Advancement in technology has reconceptualized the way people use the kitchen space and furniture. A kitchen cannot survive without a good sustainable cupboard. Cupboard doors in turn need strong lasting hinges to run smoothly. Sturdy water- resistant hinges add to the life of the cupboard. With the technology hitting a new high, hinges have grown much in terms of functionality.

For instance, soft closing and opening mechanism, use of dampeners to control the movement of the cupboard doors, folding systems that helps to save space, especially in smaller kitchens, and push to open hinges that allow for a single touch opening of furniture. Then there are also Anti-Slam devices that can be used to reduce the force exerted while closing thereby arresting damage over time.


I have always felt that handles are the most underrated accessory used in the kitchen. Whereas handles can lift the look of the entire kitchen in a jiffy! On the other hand, if you manage to strike a happy medium between the style and the functionality, you can be sure that you have nailed it. Also, since they tend to last for a considerable period, they may look increasingly jarring if not chosen with care.

Essentially there are three kinds of handle styles and they being contemporary, transitional and traditional

Traditional handles

If your kitchen belongs to the traditional genre, drop handles on the kitchen drawers will look super elegant. You can even try out the knobs to enhance your kitchen's look.

Transitional Kitchen Handles

The transitional design falls between old and new elements, classic and contemporary, traditional and modern. So in this case, the cabinet pull may be a modern bar with classic footing. However, the crossover must be subtle.

Contemporary Handles

You can catch these handles in minimalistic designed kitchens. As for the shape of the handle, a contemporary take on a handle may feature a long straight handle or even a recessed lip or C handles on either top or bottom of your kitchen cabinet.

Let us delve into the types of handle that you can pick from.

Types Of Handles

Pull-out kitchen handles, knobs, edge profile kitchen handles, stainless steel kitchen cabinet and drawer handles, and customized kitchen handles are some of the types of handles you can opt for. Besides, you can also go in for a mix and match where you play around with pulls and knobs placing them in different parts of your kitchen cabinets and drawers.

Kitchen Cabinets

I call them the heart of the kitchen.

That's because they have a profound impact on the design aesthetics of your kitchen and give you plenty of room to store.

Whether you like contemporary high gloss, warm woodsgrain, or classic shaker style, you can be sure that there's one for each preference. Whatever you choose, remember carcasses of your cabinets play a crucial role in your kitchen's longevity and performance. Cabinets can be of a variety of materials.

Melamine-Faced Chipboard Cabinets

Though MFC, a manufactured board is cost-effective yet strong. The core of the board is made from scrap wood, sawdust, and paper, and finally faced in a melamine laminate. The surface of the carcass is moisture -resistant, anti-fungal, and easy to clean.

Medium Density Fibreboard Cabinets (MDF)

MDF is a mass-produced board and is considered a notch above the chipboard. It is made from felted wood fibers that are bonded under high pressure. It is costlier than chipboard because it is stronger and also has a smoother, more moisture-resistant edge when cut.

Timber-Faced MDF

To impart the charm of real wood to the cabinet without the fear of it warping, a thin veneer of timber is used on either one side or both sides of MDF to give it a semblance of a single piece of wood.

Plywood Kitchen Cabinets

Plywood is a fairly popular kitchen cabinet material. It is composed of thin layers of wood veneer that are glued together. Also, the engineered wood binds wood fiber sheets and resins to make a composite material.

Real Wood Cabinets

We wouldn't advise using solid timber in single planks as it could warp in time since it isn't as rigid as manmade boards. However, one may opt for solid-wood carcasses made from stave boards.

Storage In Kitchen

Whether it's a home kitchen or a commercial kitchen, an ideal kitchen is one that gives you plenty of storage space. No, we aren't going to advise you getting as many drawers possible in your space. You already know that. What we are asking you is to think out of the box. For instance, you can install hooks to hang mugs, introduce your kitchen to baskets and bins to keep your counter uncluttered, incorporate over-the-cabinet organizer holder to store lids, pans or serving spoons.

Deep cabinets are great for storage but super inconvenient when you want to fetch stuff from the back. Try rolling shelves with low sides to keep your storage organized and accessible. Go in for a mounted dish rack by hanging a shelf above the sink leaving your prep area free. Also, a super shallow drawer can work well to store your spices and you can be sure that you'll never lose them again!

Corner Units

Most kitchens have wasted corners that have never been explored. These can be effectively utilized by incorporating corner units that multitask. They give you extra storage space and add to the design vocabulary of your kitchen.


Since the kitchen is no longer just a culinary zone and is more of a place we eat in, socialize and even work, it is important that every area of the space is well lit. Do not fall into the trap of trying to make an impact with a single show-stopping fixture. The idea is to place a variety of differentially styled lights strategically. Ideally, there should be enough light to cook comfortably. However, a combination of task lighting, accent lighting, sconces, and hanging lights will add visual interest to the space.

Kitchen Appliances

Evolution in technology has reinterpreted the relationship between the consumer and appliances. Modern kitchen appliances not only enhance the visual landscape of your space but also add quality to the kitchen tasks. Let's explore a few of these together:


Are you looking for an appliance that can bake, grill, and cook food in no time? Get an oven in your kitchen and you are sorted forever.

They are very handy if you are looking for grilling both meats and vegetables. Equipped with timers and temperature control buttons, the oven lets you set the desired cooking time and temperature ensuring that you do not overcook.


A modern kitchen without a microwave is unthinkable.

A microwave plays a plethora of functions. It not only reheats food but also lets you bake your cakes, cook food, grill, make pizza, and sundry. A variety of user-friendly cooking options make it super convenient to operate. To top it all, microwaves are easy to clean. So essentially there aren't any serious maintenance issues that you need to worry about. Try creating a drawer in any kitchen cabinet or under the counter to place your microwave than just making it sit on your countertop. It will make your kitchen look stylish and make your workspace more functional.


A good dishwasher can take away your cleaning woes for life. None of us like to handle piles of dirty dishes meal after meal or after having hosted that wonderful dinner! Also, who has that kind of time in today's hurried pace to keep a slot reserved for dealing with the dishes?

It's time to make the modern dishwasher, available in a variety of models with a multitude of cleaning options a part of your kitchen ensemble. Be it your fragile glassware or heavy-duty pans that need solid scrubbing, the dishwasher can do everything with the help of moveable racks and washing programs. The appliance adds oomph to your kitchen interiors too!

Range Hood

If I were to remodel my kitchen, a range hood would be the first appliance I would look out for. Why? Because I don't want to put up with all that odor, smoke, and heat as I cook.

The range hood sucks the polluted air via a motorized fan and then either throws it out or filters and re-circulates it. Other than that, the hoods help to prevent poisoning by carbon monoxide. In addition, range hoods remove the extra heat and steam from cooking making the space comfortable for the chef and others. A kitchen that smells perennially of grub is a complete put-off. The hood works to eliminate the persisting odor by sucking it out leaving the room smelling fresh.


Hobs have been around for a while now and are often sighted in new kitchens.

These are based on built-in-mechanism against traditional gas stoves that have a freestanding body. Since they sit on the level of the kitchen countertop, they blend seamlessly with the surface and do not protrude. Besides, the design of the hub convenes cleaning and makes it easy to load and unload heavy utensils on the cooktop.

The modern hobs incorporate auto ignition feature, multiple heat control options, and flame failure function which automatically cuts off the gas supply whenever the flame on the burner goes off. Furthermore, hobs look sleek; add to the aesthetic factor in your kitchen, and best suits the contemporary kitchen decor.

The kitchen has moved from its stereotype existence to being modern and suave with a definite character. With a host of furniture and appliances to lend their presence to the space, it has gone to become the most beautiful and functional space ever. A stylistic gambit, it is the coming together of a drove of elements in a fine symphony that creates the final composition that we call the kitchen.

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