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December 2015, Issue"Cooking is a Passion"

Anshu BagaiChief Executive Officer AMC Cookware (India) Private Limited

AMC is the world market leader in cooking systems with more than 50 years' of experience having marketing and production centres in over 30 countries across five continents catering to 15 Million customers. In a chat with Better Kitchen, Anshu Bagai, Chief Executive Officer of AMC Cookware (India) Private Limited talks about the trends and significance of cookware in the kitchen. Excerpts.

What is the current cookware trend in the world and particular to India?

A well organized kitchen is any cook's delight. It not only reflects food habits but also lifestyle. Nowadays cooking is not a mere need but it has become a passion. In the last few years, people have become more health conscious and are also eager to try different cuisines. Due to this eagerness, demand for good quality cookware is also increasing around the world. Indian kitchens are no exception to this. Indian Kitchens & Cookware market is going through a phase of transformation. AMC premium system perfectly caters to this growing demand with its superior quality cookware. It's the only multicooking system in the world in which one can cook without additional water or oil.

Please elaborate the importance of right kind of cookware in the Kitchen.

In today's fast pace world, staying healthy is a necessity. It's important not only to choose the right ingredients but also to follow the right cooking process for maximum retention of nutrients. What weighs maximum while selecting or buying a cookware is that it should be in tune with the modern world, in which you can do multi cooking, smart in saving time, money and energy, safe to use, hygienic, made of good quality material, durable and aesthetic. In other words complete value for money.

How cookware are changing with the technology? How do these changes impact the taste and flavour of food?

Cooking is a fantastic process where both art & science meet to serve us a delicious meal. Cookware have been a constant subject of upgradation and with every changing technology, cookware are also evolving specially catering to today's need like saving time, money, energy, maximum nutrient retention, less oil consumption, etc. Today we have many options available in the market like glass, ceramic, aluminum etc. but time and again stainless steel has stood the test of time and has emerged to be the best for cooking. In AMC we provide exactly the same. For the last 50 years we are the market leaders in high-grade stainless steel and are constantly upgrading our cookware.

  • AMC Premium System is made up of state of art technology, high-grade stainless steel that is non porous and does not absorb oil or water.
  • Our patented technology has revolutionized the cooking style and helps save energy, time and money along with tasty and healthy cooking.
  • AMC provides a 3-fold guarantee of success ensures that every meal will be delicious and loaded with nutrient value.
  • Specially designed cookware base captures the smallest amount of heat and distributes it uniformly to the food being cooked.
  • Cooking process is monitored to ensure that the food is not overcooked or burned.
People are still going for earlier days utensils to get better taste, flavour and health benefits. Your comment on the same.

There is a saying that “Old is Gold” but not always. If we compare cooking in the earlier days, not much of technology was there and options were limited. Also traditional cooking method takes too much time, which is not possible in today's fast pace world. Moreover cleaning and maintenance of such utensils is also cumbersome. But now times have changed, with increased disposable incomes of the Indian middle class, they are upgrading the products in each category. We are now seeing this in cookware too. There are many variety of cookware available in the market. I would rather go for a cookware option, which saves time, which is healthy for a daily basis cooking and easy to maintain.

Is there any side effect on health with the use of non-stick cookware in long run?

Nonstick cookware certainly reduces the intake of oil, which is helpful keeping the health option in mind. However we recommend high-grade stainless steel, which is nonstick as well. AMC would be a perfect solution to that. Over the years, AMC has revolutionized cooking with its gentle Zero-Oil cooking method i.e. cooking without additional oil and water.

Moreover AMC premium system comes with 30-year global guarantee. So it's a one-time investment and your family's health is secured for lifetime.

What is your recommendation on the use of cookware in the kitchen.

I would definitely recommend AMC Cookware for healthy & tasty cooking. AMC is a 50 year old, leading global company in the field of high quality stainless steel and multi-cooking systems. AMC has revolutionized cooking with its gentle method of Zero oil cooking and has reached out to more than 12 million customers world over. AMC is committed to promote the motto-Eat Better. Live Better. Cooking Zero oil means less fat, fewer calories and lower risk of diseases. Cooking without additional water results in vegetables, retaining their goodness, natural taste, salts, vitamins, minerals and active plant substances.

In addition to this, AMC Cookware comes with an array of benefits over other cookwares, which helps, save energy, time and money along with tasty and healthy Zero oil cooking. For e.g.

  • Stainless steel handles which don't get heated while cooking because of ceramic block inlay.
  • Multi-cooking- Steaming, baking, reheating, roasting, Stack cooking, double boiling and serving.
  • AMC premium system comes with a 30-year global guarantee.

AMC premium system has units ranging from 1.3 litres to 8 litres. These units are available as sets in combination with accessories that caters the needs of small to large families and help them enjoy the benefit of zero oil, multicooking with AMC Premium system.