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15 June 2022Crompton is Launching Built-in-Kitchen Appliances Range

Crompton has announced its entry into the Built-In Kitchen Appliances segment with a comprehensive range of Chimneys, Hobs, Built-in-Ovens, Built-in-Microwaves and Dishwashers.

Crompton's focus area is kitchen and acquires Butterfly Gandhimati Appliances to strengthen its presence in this area. The entry into the built-in-kitchen appliances segment will further consolidate its position in the kitchen space, in addition to driving growth and premiumization of the brand. Company mid-term aims to garner double digit market share of INR 2200 crores built-in-kitchen appliances which is growing at ~10% per annum.

Crompton has leveraged its new R&D centre and traditional strengths in designing motors, electronics etc. to design and develop these products. These products are developed after the consumer research which revealed the unmet & underserved requirements of the Indian consumer and higher purchase intent by ~10-30% compared to competitor brands. The endeavour will provide a pleasant and enjoyable kitchen environment.

Initially the products are launch in 10 city clusters, starting with Mumbai, Bangalore, Delhi, Kolkata, Chennai and Pune this quarter through exclusive brand outlets called “Crompton Signature Studios”. Company is also building a world class service network leveraging its large presence across the country.

Features of the range of chimneys with MRP ranging from INR 24,000 to 69,000 include:
• As silent as an AC with 50% reduction in perceptible noise
• Keeps kitchen air clean from smoke, soot and smell with increased suction power by 50% than in the available popular models
• Reduces the number of professional cleaning interventions required due to Intelli-autoclean technology.

Key differentiating features of the range of hobs with MRP ranging from INR 17,000 to 37,000 includes:
• Digital timer that switch off the burner at the end of the stipulated time frame
• Flame failure safety device that cuts off gas supply in case the flame goes off due to spillage or any other reason.

Key differentiating features of Ovens with MRP ranging from INR 50,000 to 85,000 include:
• Eliminate the need for manually cleaning your oven with pyrolytic cleaning in which the oven internal temperature will reach up to 450°C transforming residues left by baking, roasting and grilling splashes into ashes
• Hot air shield prevents hot air from the oven hitting the consumer's face directly.

Key differentiating features of Dishwashers with MRP ranging from INR 49,000 to 68,000 include:
• Dual pro-wash that enables cleaning at two separate water pressures in a single wash while keeping noise as low as an AC
• Superior drying performance with turbo drying technology with additional fan support that draws out steam from the cabinet.

Shantanu Khosla, Managing Director - Crompton, said, “Kitchen is a strategic space for Crompton and kitchen appliances will drive future growth. Our recent acquisition of Butterfly has strengthened our presence in the small kitchen appliances category. This entry into the built-in-kitchen appliances segment will further consolidate our position.”

Mathew Job, Executive Director and Chief Executive Officer - Crompton, said, “Our aim is to become one of the top 3 players in this segment in the coming 3 years. For the same, we have carved out a separate business unit which is focused on built-in-kitchen appliances. Leadership is in our DNA and we are looking to win in this segment with our differentiated value propositions.”

Nitesh Mathur, Vice President - New Business - Crompton said, “Crompton has built a deep understanding of its target consumer segment and will target them with a differentiated product range. We have received a very good response from the channel with several leading modular kitchen dealers and multi-brand outlets onboarded. Additionally, we are also setting up premium exclusive brand outlets “Crompton Signature Studios”. We also have a robust marketing plan and established a strong after sales network set-up.