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March 2020, Issue"The 3T's of Appetite Stimulating Cooking - Texture, Temperature & Taste"

Chef Mangesh WazarkarExecutive Chef The Pride - Pune

August 2019, Issue"Taste & Looks Add Value to The Dish"

Chef Altamsh PatelExecutive Chef The Park Mumbai

Latest News

3 March 2021 Foodservice India Acquires Sil Foods

The investments in food industry are on the roll again. Sil Foods Pvt Ltd, one of India’s oldest and trusted food company has been acquired by Foodservice India Pvt Ltd, a leading food solutions company for the Food service sector in India and Middle east, for an undisclosed amount.

With this acquisition, SIL will get the resources to expand its distribution footprint as well as product range. SIL has a presence in Indian market for over 70 years in the Indian market and has a range of Jams, Sauces, Ketchups, Canned products and Mayonnaise in their retail product portfolio. It is one of the brands which has been in the country ahead of its time in launching the niche products like baked beans, mayonnaise in the country.

The company is known for unique products which are made using the traditional process combined with modern technology. To quote an example, Soya sauce manufactured by the company is using the traditional fermentation process, as against most products available in market made by reconstituting solids with water, colour and flavour. The company manufactured all its products in a factory near Pune, Maharashtra.

Food Service India has established itself as a leading food solutions provider with a strong market presence in the Hotels, Restaurants and Catering Segment with multiple product categories of seasonings, spices, Gravies & Sauces, Beverage solutions, etc. Foodservice India Pvt Ltd solutions are used by over 25,000 Restaurants across Indian Subcontinent and Middle East. The company is present in over 70 cities across India.

Foodservice India Pvt Ltd is a part of VKL Food Solutions Enterprise which is India’s leading food solutions group, which established VKL seasoning Pvt ltd, a company where investment in recent times were done from Firmenich, one of the world’s largest ingredients and flavours company.

1 March 2021 Kikkoman Enters India

The leading producer of naturally brewed soy sauce, Kikkoman Corporation, announced the official launch of Kikkoman India Private Limited, a wholly-owned subsidiary that will expand its operations in India.

Kikkoman, the Japanese heritage brand, has been one of the preferred brands of soy sauce in over 100 countries, where consumers associate one of the best soy sauces with the name Kikkoman. With its official entry in India, Kikkoman aims to become the market leader in the soy sauce and Asian sauces category, within the growing FMCG market in India, as it introduces its renowned naturally brewed ‘Honjozo’ soy sauce to India.

Kikkoman Soy Sauce is a versatile all-purpose seasoning that can be used for all cuisines, including cooking Asian, Western, Japanese, and Indian dishes. The production of Kikkoman soy sauce goes through a fermentation process lasting several months, a process that cannot be rushed. It is vital for the rich yet mellow flavour, appetizing aroma, and distinctive bright reddish brown colour. Kikkoman Naturally Brewed Soy Sauce is brewed using “The Honjozo method” using only 4 ingredients: water, soybeans, wheat and salt. During the fermentation process that lasts several months, more than 300 different aroma components are generated within Kikkoman Soy Sauce, including hints of flowers, fruits, vanilla and coffee.

Commenting on the occasion, Harry Hakuei Kosato, Director and India Representative of Kikkoman India said, “India is one of the biggest emerging markets for global businesses and a key driver of growth in Asia. The launch of Kikkoman India will ensure seamless distribution of Kikkoman products exclusively created for India, bringing consumers the opportunity to experience a variety of foods, seasoned with true and authentic Kikkoman Soy Sauce. It is the first time that the Kikkoman Corporation has complete and direct control of all aspects of the business in India, where the emphasis shall be on marketing and sales. As our sales volumes in India are expected to grow rapidly to meet rising demand, we hope to shift production to India when the timing is right.”

“Globally, Kikkoman has been the preferred brand for soy sauce because of our pure, natural and high-quality product. Our main focus will be to inform and educate both industry professionals and consumers about the benefits of using our high quality and naturally brewed soy sauce that contains no preservatives or taste enhancers. We shall work to reach millions and millions of consumers in India” added Kosato.

Osamu Mogi, Director, Executive Corporate Officer, International Operations Division, Kikkoman Corporation, Japan said, “We have been working to make Kikkoman Soy Sauce a truly global seasoning while creating new delicious experiences around the world and contributing to richer, healthier lifestyles for decades. Our long-term commitment to India - one of the world's largest and most vibrant promising, emerging markets - is for the next 100 years and beyond. Kikkoman Soy Sauce has become a part of daily life in millions and millions of households worldwide, and we are delighted that every Indian household will soon be able to enjoy the same."

Kikkoman India is solely responsible for importing all Kikkoman products, and shall manage all marketing and sales, and distribution in India.

8 January 2021 Jerson Fernandes Appointed as Executive Chef of Novotel Mumbai Juhu Beach

Novotel Mumbai Juhu Beach appointed Chef Jerson Fernandes as the new Executive Chef, who comes with an enrich experience of more than 13 years with diverse culinary background.

Known for his creative styles of food plating and flamboyant approach, a Guinness world record holder, Jerson has received numerous accolades and awards like Star chef of India award in 2019 by IFCA, Most creative chef of India award in 2014-15 by FHRAI, Best Executive Chef award in 2018-19 by FBCAI, Best executive Chef of the year 2019 by BIZ awards and was also nominated for the Accor culinary person of the year 2019-20 etc. With his meticulous approach to pairing ingredients, and technical precision; he strives to elevate the brand identity through an authentic dining experience that is also visually inspiring. The power of his intention is seen in the heart of his innovations.

Better Kitchen wishes him all the best for his new assignment.

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Editor's desk

Ekta Bhargava(Managing Editor)

Dear Readers,


We have completed five years and we are stepping into the sixth year of publishing with well earned satisfaction and confidence largely contributed by the response from all our readers, advertisers, industry’s associations and other stakeholders.

When we began our journey all that we possessed was a strong intention to turn the spotlight on the rarely noticed people who contributed to the fame of restaurants and hotels where food lovers flocked to enjoy healthy and perfectly cooked food. They were the chefs who created delicious recipes that became famous and drew clientele to the restaurant.

In the anniversary Issue we have featured the signature recipes of celebrity and executive chefs. What makes a recipe acquire the tag of a chef's signature is an exotic combination of the culinary art he has cultivated and the sensitive feel that a chef accumulates over a period of time by knowing the taste buds of the regular clients of a restaurant.

The chef's exclusive creation becomes his signature creation and bears his individual stamp. Sometimes it even carries the chef's name as an affix to the name bestowed by the chef or the restaurant management. For example, Franz Sacher's famous cake said to have been his creation for a prince in Vienna, quite simply made of dark chocolate and apricot jam got the name Sacher Torte and has been accorded a prime place in Viennese culinary history.

In the Indian culinary industry there are quite a number of famous chefs who have created their individual signature recipes. Each dish is very special and lovingly created. We at Better Kitchen are proud to offer them to our readers as our anniversary gift.

As Better Kitchen continues its journey we are certain that the food industry will march forward and keep pace with the advances in technology and innovation in different spheres and emerge more successful than in the recent past.

Here's wishing everyone success and safety in every effort and experience.

Happy reading.

Ekta Bhargava
Managing Editor

Weekly Recipe Contest Starting Every Sunday28 February 2021 - 6 March 2021

Better Kitchen has started a weekly recipe contest on WhatsApp Group - Better Kitchen Cooking Ke Fans. There are more than 225 plus home chefs and few chefs are members over there. The recipes contest is open only for the group members. The winning and chefs choice recipes are featured in Better Kitchen website. Five times Winner will get a chance to meet celebrity chef and interact with him/her about the recipe.

The celebrity chef will modify the recipe and give a new twist in the recipe. The modified recipe will also be featured in the Better Kitchen website as well as magazine.

Interested in joining the group? Send an email with your name, email ID, mobile number and city to


Tip of theDay

Dip Paneer pieces in warm salt water before adding it to any gravy for making them softer.

Latest Events

Thunderous Ovation For EverestBKCC Season 27 Cities, 200+ Teams in a tough culinary competition yielded Winners

5 March 2020

Everest Better Kitchen Culinary Challenge (EverestBKCC) challenge has successfully completed the journey in seven cities namely Bengaluru, Dehradun, Surat, Kolhapur, Bhopal, Pune and Mumbai in its season 2. EverestBKCC got thunderous ovation for its last destination in Mumbai.

Theme of the Challenge for budding chefs was Flavours of India and for amateur/home chefs it was Traditional & Forgotten Recipes. The common intention of the multi city event is to make Indian food popular across the globe and create awareness about its health benefits.

We had done Master Cooking Class for cooking lovers by celebrity chef in couple of cities as well.

Hospitality students are the future chefs of the world. The main purpose of conducting culinary challenge for hospitality students are to prepare students for future challenges they will face after completing studies and encourage them to be more innovative and creative in their skills of culinary arts.

Amateur /Home Chefs challenge for traditional and forgotten recipes objective is to bring the recipes from home kitchen to limelight and aware the people about the richness of our food from ages.

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