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20 January 2021 Vangyache Bharit – Roasted Brinjal Mash Masala Main Course, Veg


Aubergin (Brinjals): 400 Gm

Onion Chopped: 100 Gm

Tomato Chopped: 50 Gm

Kolhapuri Kanda-Lasun Chuntney: 20 Gm

Dried Red Chili: 20 No.

Oil: 50 Ml

Mustard Seeds: 5 Gm

Cumin Seeds: 5 Gm

Asafetida: 2 Gm

Coriander powder: 2 Gm

Cumin powder: 2 Gm

Salt: To Taste

Coriander leaves chopped: 50 Gm


  • Brush oil on Aubergin (brinjals) & roast on Charcoal fire until the skin turns black
  • Let them cool down a bit, remove the skin of the roasted brinjals completely and de-seed them as far as possible & chopped nicely
  • Mash the deseeded brinjals by hand or slightly mix in the mixer
  • Heat oil in kadhai or tawa, add the mustard seeds, cumin seeds, red chilies, asafetida,then add finely chopped onions sauté till golden brown. Add tomatoes (optional) and cook them for 1/2 a minute
  • Add the (Kolhapuri kanda-lasun chuntney) and sauté for 1/2 a minute on low flame
  • Add chopped Brinjal, mix well, by adding salt & coriander leaves.
  • Serve Hot with Jowar or Tandalachi Bhakari.

Chef's Tip: Do not add water. It will spoil the dish.

Recipe by Chef Dev Kasalkar, Managing Director of Chefs Kitchen Institute of Culinary Arts & Hotel Management, Kolhapur