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3 April 2021 Aam Chutni Paneer Tikka Starter, Veg

Chef Dr. Izzat Hussain shared this signature recipe on the occasion of the fifth anniversary of Better Kitchen magazine.

For Chutney
Dried Mango Flacks or Chips Soak in Water for Over Night: 50 Gm
Jaggery: 200 Gm
Kalunji: Few Grains
Salt: 1 Gm
Red Chili Powder: 1/2 Tsp
Olive or Sunflower Oil: 1 Tbsp

Paneer: 500 Gm
Cut into two and half inches cube. Make a hole to put chutney inside in each cube.

Black Pepper: 1 Tsp
Cloves: 1 Tsp
Black Cardamom Seed: 1 Tsp
Mix all together and make a fine powder
Salt: To Taste
Lemon Juice: 2 Tbsp
Corn Flour: 2 Tbsp

To Prepare Chutney

  • Fine grind the pre soaked mango flacks in your grinder make a paste
  • Take a pan put on medium fire, put one table spoon oil and kalunji, salt and red chilli powder.
  • Put mango paste and mix well.
  • Now put all grated jaggery with some water .
  • Let it cook properly and take it out from fire.

Paneer Marination

  • Take paneer cubes in a tray
  • Add lemon juice and salt
  • Sprinkle masala two tea spoons
  • Mix well and keep for ten minutes.
  • Fill chutney in hole.
  • Now cover each cube with corn flour
  • Heat your oven upto 180 degree
  • Set all cubes in a try
  • Set tray in oven till cubes get brown
  • Take out from oven serve as per your own style, my style of serving may be check in picture.

By Chef Dr. Izzat Hussain

Working hard for more than 35 years to search and rearrange authentic recipes of most forgotten Mughlai, Awadhi & Lucknowi cuisines, Izzat learn and collected cooking formulas, techniques and procedures from old cooks, cooking house wives of royal family and foodies of royal families. Being a Unani medicine practitioner, his food is relatively lower on spices and fat content without discounting on the flavour, texture and taste. He is the recipient of the Best Mughlai Chef of India Award.